06 08/13

Learn New Skills For A Better Paying Job

Learning brand new skills can help tremendously when it comes to getting a better career. Nowadays, a lot of people are stuck in jobs that they simply cannot stand. They might not possess the skills necessary to go onto something bigger and better that might even pay a little more. This isn’t to say that you need to spend the money and go back to college for four years, but there are many adult classes that Read the rest of this entry »

15 06/13

Become A Successful Freelance Web Designer

If you enjoy making websites and would like to make a living from doing it, you might be wondering if you will be able to find a steady job from a big firm while doing this type of work. Although this is always a possibility, one thing that you should consider is becoming a freelance Web designer. Although there are certainly benefits to working for one particular company, there are also plenty of benefits to working for yourself and doing freelance work, such as being able to work for Read the rest of this entry »

19 04/13

Underemployed? Get Trained For A Better Job

The Web has revolutionized the world of work. With many people facing unemployment and under-employment, there has been a push by workers to learn new skills to increase their marketability. By training for a better career, you can increase income and break into a new, more fulfilling career.

What Type of Training is Available?

If you are looking to transition to a creative career, the opportunities are endless. There are night courses at community colleges that will teach you programming, Web-based courses that will help you learn graphic design and seminars that deliver photography tutorials. Training for a Read the rest of this entry »

29 06/12

Stay On Top By Developing 21st Century Job Skills

The world is always in change. Especially the job and technology world. Skills that were once needed in the past, are not as important now. Other job skills need to be developed to replace the old ones. Now, knowing how to type, at least 40 words per minute, though ideally more, is a huge job skill to have. It is becoming more and more common for computers to be used at the world place. From mechanics to teachers to restaurant employees.

Not only typing fast, but also the ability to work around a Read the rest of this entry »

13 01/12

Out of Work?

So you want a creative career but all you’ve been able to find on your job search is the bottom of the Cheetos bag and endless hours of direct.tv at home? Put all your free time to good use and take these career-jumpstarting tips:
Begin Freelancing: Whatever you do best, whether it’s writing or drawing or graphic design, put yourself out there and try to get some small clients. Even if you can’t find paying customers, doing free work can help you build up a portfolio.
Call Other Sources: Don’t just call the big companies call small shops like independent booksellers and newspapers to see who they might know. They’ve often got the relationships necessary to get your foot in the door and then it’s all up to you.
Don’t Stop: Whatever your passion is creatively, don’t stop doing it. Keep reading, writing or making art and the right job will come to you over time. At the very least you’re using your free time to hone your skills and become a better candidate for the right time.

11 01/12

The Work Smarter Not Harder Job Search

With so many different people entering the workforce in our current down economy, it becomes increasingly important to find a job that provides all of the perks that one would think of when they begin to contemplate a career position. No one wants to work hard for nothing and that is why there has been a huge influx in the amount of new, specialized positions being created. Computers and general technology is beginning to take over in many different industries and new positions related to this jump are being created to replace the old, laborious jobs that were taken away.

When looking for a job in the modern world, there is only one thing that should be kept in mind. It is better to work smarter, rather than harder. This rings true for just about every industry. Financial advisers are finding that their jobs become increasingly easier with the invention of new algorithms. Even laborers are reporting that innovations in technology are starting to serve as a way to make what they do a little less stressing.

Regardless of what job you decide to apply for, make sure that you are thinking about your future. Always remember to work smarter, rather than harder.

30 12/11

Landing The Perfect Artistic Job That Matches Your Skills

Many jobs are available for people with artistic abilities. Finding an artistic job that matches is a matter of soul searching and researching. The first thing you must do in order to choose an occupation that fits your skill set is ask yourself what you can do. It would be very beneficial to write your skills down with a pen and paper so that you can view those abilities. If you have an uncanny ability to draw images, write that down on the list. If you have the ability to write engaging descriptions and stories, notate that as one of your skills. If you have persuasive abilities, you must also write that down.

Next, look at your skill set and conduct a search for careers that require such skills. A web designer job would be perfect for someone who can create images and come up with engaging descriptions. Write that down as your first job match. Chances are you would love the career and excel at it. You could help people create websites that compel the customers to stay.

This strategy of finding an artistic job can work with any skill set. Something is always available that will require the skill set that you have. You can also use your skills to secure the job you desire.

15 12/11

Match Your Skills To The Right Career

There are many ways that you can actually match your skills in the right career. Everyone has different skills, etc. that they can amount to in some way, shape, or form. In order to find the right career for you, you are definitely going to have to put yourself out there, as well as do some research. You will be able to find a career based on the skills that you have. You can use many online sources to help you out with this process. You will be surprised to see what you stumble upon. There are so many job skill matching websites that allow you to simply list all of your skills and they will give you new career opportunities every time a match is found. These jobs can be emailed to you, and you can take a look at them to see if this is something for you to do. There is so much out there, but nothing will come to you. You are going to have to stay dedicated, and do not give up. You will find something with the skills and experience that you already have. There are enough jobs to go around for everyone too.

30 11/11

Creative Jobs Available With Growth Opportunities

Today’s job market is in the infancy stages as we face a new evolving job market. The demand for increased skills to compliment evolving creative jobs will prove proficient for a new evolving job economy. Creative jobs, such as heating and air conditioning or refrigerator service technicians and, health care will undoubtedly remain in demand. However our current job trend change demands the translation of new knowledge and skilled writers to translate such changes as such for the average job seeker to understand in simple terms. Therefore technical writers will be on the rise in 2012 and expected to rise through 2018. Other career focused creative jobs such as small business development and work at home virtual assistants, multimedia artist, curators, interpreter & translator for law and legal services will be on the rise through 2018. Film and video editors are also expected to increase as an in demand creative job with growth opportunities through 2018. The top three in demand creative jobs with growth and advancement opportunities through 2025 will be in Information Technology with a focus in software and software design and technology and computer sciences. The Health Care sector will grow in leaps and bounds with health care reform expected to be introduced in 2012 and this will prove lucrative for health insurance providers. A great opportunity for growth and advancement will be for technical writers. Writers of any sort for that matter looking for long term career security should consider technical writing as an alternative opportunity to increase their established writing skills and increase career longevity.
Becoming an entrepreneur will be another opportunity for career minded individuals. More & more companies today are turning to virtual office assistants and internet networking to cut cost and increase efficiency. In addition, this demand will increase the need of educational services and, a need for learning computer skills which will ultimately increase more work at home jobs through 2025. When we take a look into what is contingent and makes up the creative jobs workforce we see careers in the paths of science, technology, engineering, business as an occupation and organization. Finance accountants, and the many different levels of management needed to ensure and promote over all organizational performance all of which have the opportunity for growth and advancement. Technology and computers are essential for a new evolving job market. Along with these we need law services, health care services, educational services, arts, culture, media, and entertainment. The IT professional or career minded individual will do well to stay up-to-date in the latest technology trends as well as ensure they know the basics of web-design.

20 08/11

The Best Top Paying Writing Careers

When talented people find themselves out of a job or just want to make some spare money they find many creative ways to do so. One of the highest paying careers that offers these people more pay, uses their creative talents and lets them earn from home is that of a freelance writer.

There are thousands of writing sites that quickly allows anyone to become a writer. From amateurs to authors of esteem, the internet is wide open for earning hundreds a month to thousands per week for writers.

Many Read the rest of this entry »